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The Russian Bride Travel Guide The Russian Bride Travel Guide
The Russian Bride Travel Guide The Russian Bride Travel Guide The Russian Bride Travel Guide
The Russian Bride Travel Guide The Russian Bride Travel Guide The Russian Bride Travel Guide
Foreign Bride 101
A "How-To" For Nice Guys

By Bud Patterson

A must-read for anyone seriously considering
the search for a foreign bride! 110 pages
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Are these women for real?

How long have women been seeking to meet foreign men over the

How do International Marriage Agencies (IMA's) recruit their women?

Do women have to pay to post their profiles?

Do IMA's screen these women?

Why would women of such beauty and high quality join an international
marriage agency?

Aren't most of these women just after money or citizenship?

Do IMA's ever buy profiles from other agencies?

Are these women paid models?

Why are some women dressed conservatively in their photos while
others show revealing poses or lingerie?

Why do some women post their profiles at several different web-sites?

What do foreign women think of the men who seek them as wives?

Do foreign women believe all Americans are rich?

Are women who join IMA's only interested in wealthy men?

Are foreign women interested in only attractive men?

Are women of Russia and Ukraine interested in meeting Latin men and
gentlemen of color?

Why do so many foreign women want to leave their country?

Are you saying that some foreign women will meet a nice guy, fall in
love, and want to get married but are eventually unwilling to leave
their country, even for a better life in America?

Are there any statistics which show how successful these international
marriages are?

What are the basic differences between Latin American women and
women of the Former Soviet Union?

What are the basic differences between Russian and Ukrainian women?

Why can't a foreign woman find a man in her country?

If foreign women are so great, why do foreign men divorce them?
russian girl

What is IMBRA and how will it affect my search for a foreign bride?

I am currently living paycheck to paycheck, should I even think about
searching for a foreign bride now?

How much money do I need to make to support my foreign wife and

My job requires me to travel during the week?  How will a foreign bride
react to having to be home for certain lengths of time?

I am more interested in dating than in marriage.  Can I still participate
in a romance tour?

How do I convince my friends, family and coworkers that this is a good

I would like to start writing to some of these beautiful women but I
won't be ready to travel for at least another year.  Should I wait?

I would like to meet a woman who doesn't want to work, who will stay at
home and take care of the house and children.  Can I do that?

I currently share a home with relatives.  Do foreign brides want their
own space?

I noticed many single women's profiles from the FSU are single mom's.  
I would like to meet a girl without children. Is that possible?

What are the questions I should be asking myself right now, in order to
know for sure I am absolutely ready for the foreign bride search?

I am looking at all these profiles of beautiful women from a certain city
but I only find one or two attractive.  What do I do?

I am not really interested in dating women my age.  I would like to find
someone much younger.  How much of an age difference is acceptable
to foreign women?

How do I meet only women who speak English?

If so many foreign women want to meet a guy, shouldn't they learn
English to increase their chances?


Is it ok to send the same letter to several different women?

How can I tell if the woman I am writing to is still available and not just
an outdated profile?

Should I expect every girl I write to respond whether she is interested
in me or not?

What can I say in my letters to increase my chances of getting a

Are you saying I should choose a city and make tentative travel plans
before I try to meet someone through writing letters?

What if I am having difficulty deciding which of two or three cities to
travel to?

What are some other tips to help me get a response?

What things shouldn't I mention in my letters?

I am writing to several girls and planning to travel to meet them soon.  
One girl, however, insists I come only to meet her or she won't be
willing to see me.  What should I do?

I met a great girl on one of those free dating sites.  She says she can
come here for a visit if I can help her with paying for her visa and
international travel.  How much money should I send her?

How do I translate my letters for the women I want to write who don't
speak English?

I am really not much of a letter writer. Is correspondence really
necessary to meet a foreign bride?

I would like to write some letters to nice girls but I am not ready to
travel or do a romance tour yet.  Should I bother to write anyway?


I am seriously traveling to meet a foreign lady I have been writing to.  
What are the advantages / disadvantages of traveling solo versus an
organized tour?

So what exactly is a romance tour?

I heard that some men travel to other countries to participate in illegal
sex tours.  Are romance tours actually sex tours?

Are romance tours legal in the foreign countries in which they operate?

Is it true that only guys who are desperate losers attend these
romance tours?

What kind of accommodations should I expect?

What kind of women attend romance tour socials?

I have heard that some women do not like to attend romance tour
social events.  Is that true?

Are the women who attend romance tour socials seriously looking for a
man or just taking advantage of a free meal?

Do women from outside the designated tour city ever attend socials?

Where are romance tour social events typically held?

Are romance tours generally held in safe cities?

What percent of women who attend romance tour functions speak

Is there a lot of competition among the men for certain girls?

What are the ratios of women to men at romance tour socials?

What should I wear to these socials?  Are they black tie affairs or

What happens between social events and when all the parties are

Help me understand how a romance tour could lead me to the one girl I
could spend the rest of my life with?

What happens if she is not as interested in me as I am with her?

Do couples who meet on romance tours become intimate right away?

When will I be invited to her home to meet her family - and what will
that be like?

Am I supposed to believe you can meet someone, fall in love and
decide to get married all in the span of 10 days?


When the time is right, should I buy her a ring and formally propose?

What things should I expect to pay for during the fiancee visa process?

If my girl has a child, what steps will I need to take for him or her?

Will my fiancee be able to pay for her flight to America or should I
expect to do it?

When the time comes, should I plan to accompany her on her first trip

How can I build and maintain my new relationship from a distance while
waiting for the fiancee visa interview?

What can I do to make her feel comfortable in her new home?
cuet girl

My girl already has her tourist visa.  She scanned it and sent it to me in
my email. Surely, that's not a scam... right?

I've been writing to a foreign girl who has been asking me to send
money to pay for internet costs.  Is this typical and how much should I

I've been asked by a girl I am writing to pay for urgent medical
expenses for her or a member of her family.  Should I send money in
this case?

I plan to participate in a romance tour and am writing to several ladies I
expect to meet.  One is suggesting we meet at a mall or an expensive
restaurant for a first date.  Is this typical and acceptable?

My girl tells me she would cook me a home-made meal but she doesn't
have a lot of food.  Should I take her shopping to buy some?

My foreign girl and I have spent considerable time together, have
become intimate and are applying for the fiancee visa together.  Yet
despite all this, she refuses to say she loves me.  She says it is too
early.  Does this make sense?

I have been corresponding with a foreign girl for a few months and she
is suggesting we meet for the first time in a place like France or
Turkey.  She says she can purchase  a very affordable travel package
for us if I send her the money.  What should I think about this?

What should I do if I think I am being scammed?

This is my best effort to encourage you to come and share the peace of
mind I possess, finally after 41 years.    I once stood where you stand.  I
realized one day, coming home late from work as I saw in the doorway
through a window the shoes of my new family that once again, I
belonged to someone.  THAT is the best feeling on Earth. Belonging to
no one - that's true despair.  We weren't met for it.  It's simply not God's

I hope something I have written here will empower you to reach out,
over vast distances and cultural paradigms to the one unique person
who can complete who you are.  I hope your dream of love will be
realized as mine and so many others has. I hope our world
governments don't screw a good thing up for us all.  Boy, am I
dreaming or what?  Most of all, I hope your flight will be smooth and
We weren't meant to be alone.

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